About Us

e-tunity is a small, enthusiastic, specialist Dutch ICT company that focuses on the development of state-of-the art e-commerce and e-business applications. Specialized in project management and leadership, SEPA migration, business optimization, high-volume data processing systems, application architecture, transactional data processing, service oriented software architecture design, development, rollout and security-related issues.

With an increasing deployment of e-applications in business-to-consumer and business-to-business relations, e-development encounters new challenges - just to name a few: coherence with business processes, integration with existing systems and the human interface. e-tunity meets these challenges by combining technical and business in with extensive experience in system development projects and e-development products.


In the past 15 years e-tunity had a large number of projects, executed fully satisfied to our customers.
e-tunity offers services on the following areas:

  • Software development
  • Application architecture
  • Mobile application development
  • Web development
  • Database systems
  • Business optimization
  • High-volume data processing
  • Service orientation architecture (architecture model)
  • SEPA migration (European payments)
  • Security/audits on information systems
  • Technical project management.


e-tunity regulary develops new applications, to keep up with continuing developments.
In 2013 the mobile payment application 'WAPP' was developed. WAPP is available to download from the Apple app-store and Google play-store enabling Windesheim University students and staff members to order and pay for products with their smartphone. WAPP uses QR-Code as an format for payment information exchange. The payments app supports multiple currencies - e.g. euros and customer loyalty saving points. The advantages of WAPP are that it offers an additional sales channel, reduces the cost of cash money and card transactions in store. Website: https://www.wapp.nu

In 2013 e-tunity developed a "Virtual SEPA Engine" - a bank simulator where larger corporate customers can simulate their financial batches, in order to verify the SEPA-compatibility of their administrative systems.

In August 2014 European banks will no longer process old-style payment format files, such as the typical Dutch formats "ClieOP03" and "BTL91". At e-tunity we have developed a web application aimed at the small/medium businesses, which can convert their old-style formats into SEPA files (formats pain.001 and pain.008). Users register at go2sepa.nl, upload their files, pay-as-they-go using iDEAL to purchase conversions, and finally they download SEPA files, which can be directly sent to their banks. Website: https://www.go2sepa.nl

Open source

e-tunity embraces open source. We believe that open source will lead to better product innovation, enhanced IT security and a wealth of competitive-minded interests.


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